National Libraries Day 2012

It’s National Libraries Day in the UK and while I think about what this means to me, I also think about the fabulous friends I met in a library (The University of Sydney Library to be precise) and all the other wonderful librarians and library workers I know.

National Libraries Day is particularly important (and Happy National Libraries Day is trending on twitter right now! Here’s hoping those people also visit their local library today) in the UK as nearly 400 libraries are threatened with closure. I guess knowledge and learning are soft targets in these lean economic times, so very short sighted… I know I’m preaching to the converted, but there are so many reasons for public libraries!

I’m off to the library to use it and show my support (I will also shamlessley pick up a bit of trash err respectable and intelligent fiction for my train journey)!

Happy Libraries Day 2012!


c. 1955 Photograph: Keystone/Getty Images

Lancaster friend xx


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