Happy Cake for Dinner Day to you!

There are some things that should never be mentioned out aloud to those we love and trust, and who love and trust us, for fear of those things being taken seriously; actioned and enacted before the lovers and trusters can be set right.

One thing that I myself should probably never have allowed to bubble to the surface of my spoken thoughts was Cake For Dinner Day. Heck, I just suggested it because I  didn’t feel like cooking that night and, so it seemed, neither did my love/trustee (let’s call him L/Tee). For those who may not know, Paris is a cake lovers wonderland and as cake eaters*, L/Tee and I were already hard pressed not to enliven most of our daily meals with gateaux, moelleux, tarte aux this and thats, pain au chocolats and all of the other buttery golden and icing sugar-dusted wonderments of patisserrie windowland.  Therefore, because we are super lazy and easily distracted by shiney lolly food, we caved and each chose a bakery to select the cakes of our couers. For dinner!

Anyways, short story long, here I post the pictures of our dinner that day, so that they may endure for eternity.

*I should mention that although, yes, I have eaten gateau in Paris, I have never eaten as much cake at once as I did on C for D. D. I suffered quite badly for my greed** and although now not immune to cakes’ many charms, I certainly learned a good lesson about mixing my cakes, and when to stop eating them. I hope it is a lesson I remember next year on C for D D. Fingers crossed!

**There may have been some sweet white wine. I think I may actually need a year before I can think of that combo again without queezines.

By ParisFriend

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2 Responses to Happy Cake for Dinner Day to you!

  1. Mr Speaker says:

    I went to the newsagents to buy a “Happy Cake for Dinner Day!” card, but they were all out this year. Hallmark certainly dropped the ball.

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